Po.V.S.Tanze dance company

Concept, choreography and dance: Alexandra Konnikova, Albert Albert,
Emmanuelle Gorda
Stage design - Vadim Koptievskiy, Oleg Avdonin
Costumes - Po.V.S.Tanze

Duration 40 min
Premiere in Moscow 25 November 2006

The production is supported by TSEKH dance agency

 "Enjoy the greatest triumph! You also can roll your eyes and stir your toes"
 This is a quote from Bergman film "The seventh seal".

The internal theme of this work is the fragility of the humane live.
We are putting the sensitive fragmentary necked body in the formal symbolic space
build with horizontal and vertical lines.       
 We are looking for the composition of three bodies in space in time which fills
naturally like everyday life going. We are using a lot of silence to really hear this life
going simply without grate events. This is some think between three of us and it is also
the life inside each body - the blood, the breathing, the hurt are moving... We can't
really remember the beginning, but every moment we are more close to the end.