Owen and Mzi

Concept, choreography: Albert Albert, Aleksandra Konnikova
Performance: Albert Albert, Aleksandra Konnikova, Stanislav Klimushkin, actors of
the theater laboratory Teatrica and Sonya Levina
Sound design: Sasha Gusev,  Arkady Marto, Valeriy Vasukov, Richardas Norvila
Costumes: Albert Albert, Aleksandra Konnikova, Kristina Koshkina
Stage design: Vadim Koptievskiy and Albert Albert
Video: Joshua Brian
The production is supported by TSEKH dance agency in 2007
Special thank to Stanislav Klimushkin for the financial and technical support

Duration 60 min

What happens between two living ones is explicable but unpredictable…
Predictable but inexplicable… Variants are possible.
You can see something constantly changing and there’s no chance to repeat
or record anything, nor is there any sense in it.
Endless movement into…