Probability practice

Choreography and dance: Albert Albert, Alexander Andrijashkin, Alexandra
Konnikova, Ilya Belenkov and Sonia Levina.

Musical style and original music by Richardas Norvila

Costume by Ilya Belenkov

The production is supported by TSEKH dance agency


We explore the instant of an option, as well as the ideas of variety and
predetermination within the structure and within the very movement.

We wonder, whether the movements we execute and the space we're in could
ring pure, without being tinged with our conceptions, personal stories and

We reached a conclusion that the choreography in the second part of our
performance emerges mainly from the peculiarities of the instant, that is noises,
smells, ligthing, weather, mood of the audience...

The match of the dance structure with the light and sound score is determined
by chance and is unique for each particular performance.

back again,
and today again with...
somebody lost
his shadow on the wall
going back to the point
at the night time
               Richardas Norvila