In 1997 several almost independent dancers in Moscow organized a group PO.V.S.Tanze which means almost inwardly free dances as the abbreviation, and the all word means rebels.  It was an experimental project in the field of dance performance and improvisation. A successful performing at the international festival "Pushkin & Goethe" in 1999 in Moscow gave them cause for creating a professional dance

Company policy
We are interested in dance, theatre and performing art in the context of research and open dialogue with the audience and other artists.
Po.V.S.Tanze creates their performances according to the principle of a joint choreography. The participants each have equal rights in shaping the rehearsal process and creation itself. The leadership passes from one choreographer to other under the demands of the process.
The choreography language is determined by the idea and the theme of a concrete performance, by the search of an individual language of each of the dancers.
The search of choreographic material always starts from an improvisation and research experiment. "PO.V.S.Tanze" Dance Company stays open to collaboration with other congenial forms of contemporary art, other choreographers, dancers, theatre and cinema figures, musicians and artists.

Artistic biography

1997 - Presentation of an improvisational performance They are coming at the Festival of Christian Theatres in Daugavpils (Latvia);

1998 - Creation and presentation of several multimedia performances by request of Goethe Institute in the framework of German Culture Days in Moscow;

1999 - creation of the piece Unleashing Myself and participating in Pushkin & Goethe Festival in Moscow, participating in the festival  Tanz Plantazia in Ekaterinburg, creation of the piece Jerzy and Petruccio;

2000 - Participation in the following festivals: Evolution OO in Tallinn, Homo Alibi in Riga (Latvia), International Meeting of Dancers and Choreographers Incontro in Lisbon (Portugal), Cutting-Edge competition in Darmstadt (Germany), performing at the festival Trajectory in Moscow, creation of  pieces  Plantain and Far, Far Away...;

2001 - participating in: the festival Pro-dvijenie in Moscow, Jonge Dance festival in Rotterdam (Netherlands), LISA festival in Saransk, Contemporary Dance Festival in Gdansk (Poland), Contemporary Dance Festival in Graz (Austria), performing at the Contemporary Dance Festival TSEKH, creation of the piece "Beads";

2002 - participation in Contemporary Dance Festival in Kiev, Jaroslavl, Aerodance festival in Amsterdam (Netherlands), creation of the piece Leaves Of Bodies;

2003 - presentation of the piece Leaves Of Bodies at the Festival Golden Mask, creation of the piece &, performing at the TSEKH Contemporary Dance Festival  in Moscow.
2004 - Participation in: the festival Perfest-2 with the experimental performance The open-door day in the Unique Nature Museum  in collaboration with musicians of Pan-Quartet, International dance festival Art of Movement in Yaroslavl with the performance &.

2005 - Creation of the piece 3petiX.
Participation in Diagelevs seasons festival in Perm with the performance &.
Participation in the dance festival in Riga (Latvia) with the performance 3petiX.
Participation in the TSEKH festival in Moscow with 3petiX.

2006 - 3petiX was presented in the Spring-dance program of DTW in New-York. in the program of Springdance festival in Utrecht (Holland), in Antwerp (Belgium), in the guest program of Isadora dance festival in Krasnoyarsk (Russia), in the program of the festival Dance
dialogues in Kostroma and in the program of the festival Time to fly in St-Petersburg.

2006 - Creation of the piece On hold, participation in the TSEKH festival.

2007 - Participation in di-Versia festival in Kostroma with the duet Owen and Mzi, thirst version, participation in Zdvig festival in Kirov with the performance On hold. Participation in Vladimid Lupovskoy project (the exhibition and the project were taking place in
Zverev's gallery) with the performance About the time and ourselves. 3petiX was presented in Tel-Aviv as well as the side-specific performance The joyful rabbit.  
Creation of the piece Owen and Mzi, full version,  participation in the TSEH festival

2008 - Creation of pieces Nights and Days and Probability Practice.
Participation in following festival: Di-Versia in Kostroma, Zdvig in Kirov, Art of movement in Yaroslavl, TSEKH festival in Moscow.

2009 – Creation of pieces M23 and TOUCH. M23 was presented on Di-Versia festival in Kostroma, Architecture of movement in Yaroslavl, TSEKH festival in Moscow and in Dance Department of Towson University (USA). .

2010 – Participation in the festival Art of Movement in Yaroslavl and No translation festival in Moscow with TOUCH. Creation of the piece OmMericom, participation in Di-Versia festival.
2011 - Creation of solo performances Dance living in me and My Dad's Rembo or Fibonacci spiral.
2012 - Rehearsal  process and presentation of the experimental site-specific project Sitcom Performance "..."
2011 - 21013 - Research process and creation of the piece Shum Zo.