Sasha Konnikova

Alexandra Konnikova
Was born in Moscow in 1970.

1991 - Graduated from The State Music Academy as a music theatre actress

1992-1994 - attended Classes of Expressive Body Movements(teacher - Gennady Abramov)
in Vasiliev's theatre School of Drama Art.

Since 1995 - has been taking part in master-classes of contemporary dance techniques,
improvisation and contact improvisation taught by different teachers and choreographers of
Europe, USA and Canada, such as D. Zambrano, K. Simpson, S. Valtz, M. Gerge, F. Poelstra, V.
Montero, J. Langedaik, A. Furukava, A. Harvud, F. Milward, F. Walkner   and others.

Artistic biography
1991-1992 - an actress of Moscow nonverbal theatre-studio Steps

1992-1999 - became a member of Abramov's Classes of Expressive Body Movements troop in
the School of Dramatic Art  by Vasiliev, where she participated in creating and presenting of the
following performances: Persecutor, Barrier of individually, Between Seasons, Nota Bene, Come
and go, Voice, Nonsense and Flock.
The performance Between Seasons was successfully presented in Austria and in Daugavpils
Festival in 1995. The performance Flock was presented in Germany and Italy.

Since 1995 - has been participating in different projects by Moscow underground musicians,
artists and designers together with other dancers and performers, she collaborated with S.Letov,
B.Berger, B.Gusev, Saira Blanch Theatre and others.
1998-2001 - participated as a dancer in Sasha Waltz Russian-German project On the Earth. The
performance was presented in the first-rate contemporary dance festivals in Germany, France,
Switzerland, Denmark and Holland.

1999 - Became one of the founders of  PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company, she was involved to all Companys project and  she still works as
a dancer and choreographer.
 (Please see information about PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company)

Since 2002 - has been collaborating with Do-theatre project Bird's Eye View as a dancer and
choreographer. The piece was presented in Saint Petersburg, cities of Germany, Italy and in
Edinburgh festival in 2003.

2001- Became an actress of Contemporary Drama Center of Kazantzev and Roschin. She acted
in the play Plasticine (director-K.Serebryannikov). The performance was successfully presented
in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Khanty-Mansijsk, in different festivals in Holland,
Germany, Yugoslavia, Slovakia and France.

2001 - A choreographer of the drama piece Antigone directed by V.Ageev in Pushkin's Theatre.

2002 - Acts in solo improvisation performances in Moscow and improvisation festivals in Odessa
and Kiev.
September of 2002 - organized the Festival of Dance Improvisation and Performance Perfest in

2003  - Was a choreographer of the drama performance The Twelfth Night by D.Donnelan in the
framework of the Theatrical Confederation project.

2004 - Organized the Festival of Dance Improvisation and Performance Perfest  2 in      
Was a choreographer of the drama performance Representing a victim , directed by K.
Serebryannikov in Moscow Art Theater;
Konnikova participated in  Two way traffic research project as a moderator and dancer. The
project took place in august 2004 in Moscow and in September 2004 in New-York.
Made the dance piece Ibo Bo in collaboration with Albert Albert (282. Moscow - Yaroslavl)
project with dancers of Yaroslavl Dance Company "Graffiti"). The premier took place in
Yaroslavl during the international dance festival Art of Movement in august 2004.
2005 - Made the dance piece Musimu wa tano (fifth season) in collaboration with Albert Albert
in Nairobi, Kenya (Dance Traffic project of The Center for International Theatre Development
(Russia/USA/East Africa).

2006- Made the dance piece White Donkey's dreaming (for children and there parents) in
collaboration with Albert Albert for Theater of Nation (Moscow).
Participated in Springdance Dialogue project in Utrecht (Holland).
Made the dance piece Past continuous in collaboration with Albert for the Dialogue Dance
Company in Kostroma (Russia)

2006-2007 - performing in the physical theater project New year made by Philipp Grigorian

2007 - Became the initiator of the regular project Professional  encounters - the every year
meeting of Russian choreographers searching in the field of contemporary dance, physical theatre
and conceptual art , she is also initiated the regular project Speak-takl (curator is Andrei
Andrianov) - the lection demonstration about the story and present of dance improvisation.  
Made solo Capybara for the project of Taras Burnashev 7 Fridays in a week

2008 - Performed the solo Capybara on Zdvig Festival in Kirov, the festival Art of movement in
Yaroslavl and the festival The touch in Arhangelsk.
Participated in Kedja international meeting in Copenhagen.
Made the choreography together with Albert Albert for the musical piece The humpback Pony
directed by E. Pisarev in Moscow Art Theater. The piece's got the Golden Mask award in 2009.       

Initiated the project Open Movement Lab in Moscow. The project include movement research and education program.
2009 – Made the choreography for the drama Tanya-Tanya in collaboration with Albert Albert and director Yuri Urnov. The production was made in the Theater Department of Towson University (USA) as the part of Russian Season project.

2011 - Made the solo piece Dance living in me

2011-2013 - Performing the piece Dance living in me in Russia and Ukraine.                                                                                                               Moderating the research process and the creation of the experimental dance piece Shum Zo.

2013 - Initiated and become the curator of the festival ROOM ROOM ROOM, festival of the rooms performance and dance on Povarskaya street.

  Teaching experience
1999-2000 - a teacher of movement research in the School Of Drama Art.
2001-2002 - a teacher of contemporary dance in Vortex dance theatre in Moscow.
2001-2012 - taught contemporary dance and improvisation at TSEKH Summer School in Moscow
Since 2000 –has been teaching workshops of improvisation and contemporary dance techniques in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Krasnoyarsk, Kirov (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Kishinev (Moldova), Riga (Latvia) , Rotterdam Dance Academy (Holland), SEAD in Salzburg (Austria), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Dance and Theater Department in Towson University (USA).