Part 1. The key.
Every thing I can ever find in myself, exists in me at this very minute. It doesn’t  matter ,
did this any thing ever show itself out, or will it ever do it. This means, I can open any door
of my internal rooms, whenever I d like to do it…

Part 2. Wow-ow, what a joyful day!
This is a detective story, in which the hero investigates an accident, happened to himself…
This is a story, where the human body is at the same time the investigator, the criminal and
the victim…
Part 3. Heaven.
Heaven is the place, where all kind of dreams meet  each other…

Choreography by  Alberts Alberts, Alexandra Konnikova
Dancers  Alberts Alberts, Alexandra Konnikova
Actor  Stanislav Klimushkin
Music by  Richardas Norvila

 Duration - 43 min

The premiere – 13 March 2005, Moscow